A. C. Surgipharma Private Limited was started by Mr. Ramesh Chander in 1993 and later on joined by Mr. Chetan Makhija in the year 2002 with the vision of making pharma industry accessible to all in India especially when it comes to life saving drugs whose prices are comparatively higher. We at A. C. Surgipharma Private Limited makes every little and big efforts to offering a complete range of healthcare products with prompt and reliable assistance for all their customers and hospital chains in India.

We are the leading Indian Pharma Company who ensures that life saving drugs reach to all patients on time with high end deliverabilty. We have been regularly participating in all the Govt. Tenders in India at larger scale and have been pioneer for more than 25 years now in viable distributorship of pharma products to make the remotely accessible.


We have ample storage space of more than 15000 sft. for storage of medicines , walk-in cooler with latest gadgets to handle the cold chain products and making continuous efforts in adapting to new technologies in the pharma industry.


We have Consistent upward record of Turnover & in future, we see ourselves as growing company with an upward curve in terms of profits as well as business viability.


Company is focused on increasing the momentum in the pharmaceutical business in its key markets through various growth routes. Growth is well spread across geographies with focus on developed and emerging markets. It is the Company's constant endeavor to provide a wide basket of life saving drugs for all critical diseases at the lesser prices than our fellows in the market segment. We are very particular in pre-defining our strategy to make sure that we adhere to all the compliances which are important to maintain quality management system (QMS).


The business philosophy of the company is based on delivering value to all its stakeholders who constantly inspire us to innovate, achieve excellence and set new global benchmarks while continuing to aggressively pursue its vision and mission. For any organization, it is important to sustain the old employees and we have been quite successful in this area. Each company has an identity for its service and products that they offer, and it's as unique as an individual's identity in relation to the company. In an ideal situation, employees have experiences every day at work that confirms that their individual identity aligns with the company's identity to achieve the vision and mission statements of the company. That alignment creates a feeling of connection, demonstrating that they belong at their company.